A Journey To The Past

100 years of history

Selby Town FC since 1919

Next year will be an important one in the history of Selby Town F.C., as it marks the 100th year since it was first founded.
Over the years they have won many honours, but coming up to the club’s centenary year it would be fantastic if we can honour the club and celebrate reaching this amazing milestone.

Bradford Park Avenue vs Selby TownAre any of you, or anyone you know, in possession of any memorabilia related to Selby Town? The older the better particularly from its beginnings in 1919 until the middle of the century? It might be photographs, post cards, scarves or hats – even newspaper clippings. If you do then please get in touch no matter how big or small it is. Everything related to the club is a little piece of history and it would be fantastic to show it – or a picture of it – off to the world.
Also, do you have any ideas for how the club could celebrate its centenary? What would you like to see the club do?

I’ve been looking back through some of my programmes and the oldest one I have is one from 1957 against what was then Scarborough Town. I was going to post up a photo of it but as if on cue I seem to have misplaced it, as soon as I find it I’ll get some pictures online! In the meantime, here is a programme from our game at Bradford Park Avenue in 1971 in the West Riding County Cup. Can you beat my Selby Town 1957 programme? If so I’d love to see it!

If you can help or even if you just have memories to share please get in touch!

Here are a few photos from Selby Town’s programme for their 90 year anniversary, let’s hope for many more years of celebration ahead.



Featured Image credit – Elliot Redmond


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