Article: A Fan’s View From The Stands Part 2

One of the reasons that non-league football is special to me is the people that are involved in it. Everyone has such a passion for the game and for seeing their local team find success on the pitch, and it is this passion which I wanted to celebrate in these articles. Today, I spoke to Phil who is a Selby Town supporter as well as a volunteer at the club. Phil is responsible for the Selby Town website and just one of many who help to make the club great.

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Phil Dearnley

How long have you been following the club for?

I have been following the club for a while, but after I became thoroughly disenchanted by the goings on at my boyhood club Hull City, I decided to make Selby Town my club of choice two seasons ago.

What made you start supporting the club?

Going to Hull City became a chore rather than a pleasure hence my switch but it is also much more convenient and so much easier (and cheaper) to introduce my granddaughter to football.

How often do you get to see the club play?

Since making Selby Town my club of choice I have missed only one match, an away cup tie at Guisley.

What has been the stand out moments for you so far?

So far my favourite moment is the cup win at Tadcaster, I was buzzing for days!

How do you feel about Selby’s current progress?

I am very happy with the club’s progress on the pitch. They play exciting football which is a joy to watch and I am hoping that the fairy tale of a cup win and a promotion will lead up to a phenomenal centenary season. I hope to see the clubs plans to improve facilities come to fruition soon.

Do you buy a programme when you’re at a game?

I always buy a programme and a least one raffle ticket. I wish that they could print team sheets.

Do you use the clubhouse when at the game to eat/drink?

Yes I have something to eat and drink at the clubhouse.

Do you think Selby or other clubs at this level could do more to improve the match day experience?

I enjoy the match day experience and cannot immediately think of no or low cost improvements.

Do you know other people who enjoy non-league football?

Yes I know other people who enjoy non league football .( I’m rushing off to see an under 23 football match now!)

What is it you enjoy about non-league football?

I like non league football. It is a much more intimate atmosphere with the same people being present every week. They soon get to be friends. I also enjoy the chance to help with Selby Town by looking after the website. I feel more engaged with Selby Town than I ever have with the professional clubs I have supported in my life time.I would like to convince more locals of the benefits of following Selby Town. Selby is expanding so surely we can make an increase on the average gate and there isn’t better value football anywhere in the Football League.

Thanks Phil!


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