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Flashback: Selby Town Vs Stocksbridge Works Programme

I apologise for the lack of posts over the last week or so, but I’ve not been at my best having felt (and still feeling) the effects of a particular nasty dental incident!
So in an effort to get back on track I thought I’d look back at an old football programme, this time taking a step back to before the NCEL when Selby Town took part in the Yorkshire League.

As you can see from the images, the programme is for a match between Selby Town and Stocksbridge Works. It’s a very basic, black and white programme with just four sides and no images of any kind. What is strange, is that there is no date on the programme. Looking at the text inside, it at first appears that it is from the 1976/77 season as the text states how Stocksbridge ‘were relegated from Division 2 at the end of last season’, however if it was indeed the 76/77 season that would put Stocksbridge in Division 3, and Selby Town in Division 2. If that is correct then I would assume this would be a cup match, but I think it’s more likely that the programme was instead from 77/78 when both teams shared a Division with Selby Town unfortunately seeing relegation the season before.
At this time, Selby was led by player-manager Graham Shepherd, who by the end of ‘82, would become Selby’s all time highest goal scorer.
As for Stocksbridge Works, the club as it was back then is no longer with us having fought in the newly formed NCEL for four years before merging with a local club and becoming Stocksbridge Park Steels, who now play in the Northern Premier League.
The final page is given to ‘Gowthorpe Travel’, a now defunct travel agency which back then sponsored Selby Town’s kit. The old Travel offices are now ‘Townend, Clegg and Co’ in Selby, and a European food shop in Goole.

Other than the brief welcome by ‘Townsman’, the team sheet, and the advert, there isn’t much else to it. As I’ve said before I’m a massive programme fan and always love to pick one up, but for a lot of people a simple team sheet is enough which is what this programme provides – and at just 30p!

One thing that did stand out in this programme was the comment that ‘with a population of over 11,000 it is surely not unreasonable to expect 150-200 to attend home games’ – something which even now forty years later and with a population of 15,000+ the club still struggles with. Let’s hope with the team going from strength to strength this season, and with the enthusiasm radiating around the club as it heads towards its centenary year, that finally, these attendance levels can be achieved.


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