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Know Your Players – Vijay Malhotra

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Vijay Malhotra

Age 20

Vijay is currently studying Business and Management at Leed Beckett University, and hopes to continue playing football and take on further studying in the future.

He has previously played for Guiseley AFC (Academy), and Ossett Albion, before arriving at Selby Town.

Hi best moment in football so far would probably be joining Selby Town – “it was my first introduction to any form of Men’s football and they posted it on twitter too, so that worked out alright.”

Vijay is another FIFA player – which is surely enough players at the club for a team World Cup.

If he could have the footballing skill of any player, he’d go for Pavel Nedved, ” i’ve been a big fan of him ever since i started watching football!”

He plays midfield, but can also fill in as a right back, centre forward or any other position that involves kicking a ball.




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